• Reframing Mindfulness



    Virtual 1:1 Sessions

    Practically Calm is a brand that uses mindfulness for healthy emotional regulation as we consider ourselves and each other. Our tools of emotional regulation, mindfulness & cognitive development can be utilized by the whole village. We offer 1:1 sessions to help you mindfully navigate through wellness and holistic living.

    Virtual Parenting Group Sessions

    Practically Calm Parenting is about pausing and bringing attention to our feelings, thoughts and emotions before engaging. Mindful Parenting refers to parenting consciously and intentionally, with compassionate awareness of our own feelings and needs, while also tuning in to the feelings and needs of our children.

    Workplace Sessions

    Even on the best days, stress and chaos can prevent us from being fully attentive. It’s never been more critical for organizations to address the mental well-being of their teams head-on. We offer proven mindfulness programs that lead to healthier organizations from the inside out.

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    Princess O

    Specialized in mindfulness and community wellness for 10 years

    Hi friends! You may know me as princess or "The Multiple Mom"- Welcome to my safe space. I’m excited to be one of your Mindfulness instructor & accountability partner! I have a educational background in wellness, mindfulness, childhood development, & parent coaching.  

    I am a neurodivergent/AuDHD Black woman & spouse, parenting five children that includes two neurodivergent children. It was important for me to reframe things like mindfulness, respect and even wellness. I had to make these concepts acessible and practical while keeping the root principles. I believe respect is consideration. I believe wellness is a journey and I believe mindfulness is the vehicle.


    This is a trauma-informed, neurodiverse and culturally sensitive practice.

    "Mindfulness happens when we consider from the inside out". - Princess


  • Reframing Mindfulness

    Give yourself the gift of calm. Join Princess for this grounding way to consider yourself entirely. In these forty-five-minute mindfulness sessions, you will experience bringing your attention to the present moment without judgment.

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